Saturday Suggestions: August 26, 2017

Check out these important recent posts:

8 Gifts to “Pour Into” the Leaders You’re Developing by Brandon Cox

Most of us who are leaders can do a better job of investing in our teams and staff. Work to give these gifts to your folks.


How to Know if You’re Succeeding as a Church Leader by Brady Boyd

What’s your grid by which you evaluate success, particularly when it comes to discipleship? This post will help you think about an option.


God Made You a Writer by David Mathis

I love to write, but I had not thought deeply about the responsibility of all of us to write. Be sure to read this writing! 


Three Reasons to Keep Going in Ministry by Kevin Campbell

If you’ve ever thought about giving up in ministry, this post will help you.


5 Reasons Why Pastors Avoid Church Member Giving Records by Art Rainer

Read about Art’s findings, and then take him up on his invitation to give your input. This topic is an important one. 

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