10 Things Positive Pastors Do

I have pastor friends who are continually positive, and I love being with them. Here are some of the characteristics that mark them: 

  1. They see the best in believers. They don’t ignore problematic people, but they refuse to let themselves get sarcastic or critical.
  2. They “sing” even when ministry is hard. Even on the toughest days, they can sing the good news.
  3. They view hardship as a learning moment. They don’t pretend that pain doesn’t hurt, but they trust that God will use it for His glory.
  4. They equip staff members. Rather than complain about unproductive staff, they first spend time walking with them, training them, and holding them accountable.
  5. They help build healthy teams. That means that these pastors commit time to enlist and equip leaders (e.g., small group leaders), who then help spread the positive attitude.
  6. They befriend church members. They not only shepherd their congregation; they actually like being with them.  
  7. They believe in, and accept, God’s forgiveness. These pastors don’t let their forgiven sin of yesterday haunt their life today.
  8. They take responsibility for their attitude. That is, these pastors are positive because they choose to be positive.
  9. They believe in the church. No matter how crazy church life gets, they still believe that the church is God’s vehicle for doing the Great Commission.
  10. They pray a lot. It seems that when you turn everything over to God in prayer, it’s easier to stay positive.

What would you add to this list? 


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