Saturday Suggestions: September 30, 2017

Check out these helpful recent posts:

The Great Marriage Killer by John Piper

I grew up in a home where anger was an issue. For that reason, this post/interview caught my attention.


Great Leaders Live by Strong Convictions by Rick Warren

This post is really about the enemy’s strategies to keep you from standing on your convictions. Worth hearing this warning.


How Can Believers Cultivate a Culture of Family Singing? by Keith Getty

Check out the quick, brief audio answer to this question, spoken by a great worship leader.


Every Holiday a Holy Day by Bruce Ashford

This post will link you to a free book about teaching your children through the holidays. Learn from Bruce and Lauren Ashford – and do it without cost!


How Christianity Really Got Started by J.D. Greear

Let this devotional post challenge and encourage you. The resurrection of Jesus really does make a difference. 

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