Saturday Suggestions: October 7, 2017

Check out these important recent posts:

FEAR: How to Handle the Unwelcome Passenger by Thabiti Anyabwile

All of us have experienced fears. Check out Thabiti’s suggestion for how we should deal with it.


Confronting Emotional and Verbal Abuse in the Home by John Piper

So many folks experience these issues that we’re wise to hear Dr. Piper’s analysis and suggestions.


Six Defining Characteristics of Generation Z by Tim Elmore

If you want to reach students, take time to this post. It’s simple, clear, to the point.


Why I Serve in Kids Ministry by Kinsey Owen (@villagechurchtx)

Do you need to encourage folks to volunteer for your children’s department? If so, utilize this testimony from a member of the Village Church in Texas.


Third Culture Kids and the Conundrum of Home by Caroline Anderson

I challenge you to read this post to learn about TCK’s (also known as “missionary kids”). It’s worth your time. 

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