12/20/17 False Preaching

READING: Micah 1-3, Revelation 11

“He would be the preacher for this people!”

Micah 2:11

I haven’t done an empirical study, but I can anecdotally make this statement about preaching: the degree to which people want deep, biblical preaching is inversely proportional to the degree of sin in their lives. That is, the more openly people live in sin, the less likely it is that they’re comfortable with the Word of God proclaimed to them. They may not mind preaching in general, though, as long as it’s preaching that either ignores or affirms their life choices.

The prophet Micah experienced this reality, too. Even as he proclaimed judgment against the people of God, he realized the people weren’t threatened by those who preached only a popular, non-confronting message. In fact, that would be the kind of preacher they would want: “If a man should go about and utter wind and lies, saying, ‘I will preach to you of wine and strong drink,’ he would be the preacher for this people!” (Micah 2:11). He may be uttering only wind, but any preacher who welcomed the excess of sinful living would be welcomed by a people living in this state

Human beings have not changed much since then. We don’t like the negatives of coming judgment, but we’re happy to hire preachers who stay away from the topic at all. 


  • Consider the type of preacher you most prefer. What does your conclusion say about you?
  • Be willing to speak judgment if needed.

PRAYER: “God, grant me respect and love for preachers who proclaim only Your Word.” 

TOMORROW’S READING:  Micah 4-5, Revelation 12