03/13/18 Purging Sin

READING: Deuteronomy 20-23 

“You must purge the evil from you.”

Deuteronomy 21:21

Once again, repetition in the Word of God captures my attention. Note this phrase that echoes not only in these chapters, but also throughout this book thus far:

  • “You must purge the evil from you” (Deut. 13:5)
  • “You must purge the evil from you” (Deut. 17:7)
  • “You must purge the evil from Israel” (Deut. 17:12)
  • “. . . purge from Israel the guilt of shedding innocent blood” (Deut. 19:13)
  • “You must purge the evil from you” (Deut. 19:19)
  • “You must purge from yourselves the guilt of shedding innocent blood” (Deut. 21:9)
  • “You must purge the evil from you, and all Israel will hear and be afraid” (Deut. 21:21)
  • “You must purge the evil from you” (Deut. 22:21)
  • “You must purge the evil from Israel” (Deut. 22:22)
  • “You must purge the evil from you” (Deut. 22:24)

In most of these cases, the people of God were to remove sinful people from among them – even through the penalty of death. God so expected His people to be holy that He would not compromise His standards. Ignoring sin in the camp was not an option. We may struggle with understanding and applying these texts today, but we cannot ignore the fact that removing evil was mandatory for God’s people.

On a personal level, I want to make certain that I am taking steps to purge sin from my life. That means admitting my sin, turning from it, and giving the enemy no room for footholds to develop again. It means taking radical steps to follow God.


  • Recognize where you are most vulnerable to the enemy. Close any doors you’ve left open to him.
  • Confess your sin to another believer who will pray for you and walk with you.

PRAYER: “God, I commit to purging the sin from my life.”     

TOMORROW’S READING:  Deuteronomy 24-27