Saturday Suggestions: April 14, 2018

Check out these helpful posts:


4 Leadership Lessons From Nehemiah by Josh Patterson

A honest and practical post about biblical leadership.


When Do We Intervene In Other People’s Conflict? by John Piper

Discerning if and when can be tough. Dr. Piper’s response is helpful.


Jeff Medders on What He Would've Done Differently as a Church Planter by J.A. Medders

This should cause many of us to pause and reflect. We can learn from his experience.


What Every Leader Should Know About Inspiring Others by Dan Reiland

Inspiring others is essential for any good leader. This will help get your wheels turning.


Four Aspects of Developing Key Leaders by Ed Stetzer

If you desire to move volunteers from spectators to co-laborers, this post is for you.

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