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Why You Don't Need to Say "Need" by Danny Franks

Telling our congregations that we need volunteers in various ministries may fill the gaps for a while, but this is a temporary solution. Danny Franks explains how to recruit church members in a more effective way. 

Who Does God Guide? by J.D. Greear

Many of us find ourselves asking God what He wants us to do in a particular situation. J.D. Greear lists four ways for us to grow in our relationship with God as we seek His direction. 

The Fine Art of Swapping by Steve Graves

As leaders, it is easy to try to juggle too many tasks. Steve Graves provides ways to prioritize and organize our daily tasks so we can focus on what matters most. 

What's Wrong With This Statement? "I Want to Do Great Things for God" by Daniel Im

We may desire for God to use us, yet we often give into the temptation of believing we must do big things and have great influence in order to succeed. Daniel Im points out how pride can lead us to wanting to be a hero, rather than living for God's glory.

In case you missed this week's posts at, here's the week in review:

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