01/14/19 Blessing Others

READING: Genesis 29-30, Matthew 10:16-4

First, let me say thank you to all who have been praying for me during my brief hospitalization and recovery. The Lord has been good to watch over me, and I’m deeply grateful for the concern of His people.


The world doesn’t think the way that Christians should think. We think differently about our human condition, about marriage parameters, and about almost everything else. The world teaches us to run our own lives, set our own rules, and live for temporary things. Seldom does the world teach us to be instruments through whom others are blessed.

Today’s reading, though, reminds me that God does indeed bless others through us. Laban recognized that he was the recipient of blessings because Jacob was in his house: “the Lord has blessed me because of you” (Gen 30:27). Jacob echoed the same conclusion, “The Lord has blessed you because of me” (Gen 30:30). Surely this blessing was more than just some gift to Jacob; rather, it was God’s keeping His commitment to bless the peoples of the world through Abraham and his offspring (Gen 12:3; 22:18).  Laban was blessed through Jacob’s presence because God is a covenant-keeping God.

I realize that the patriarch’s situation was unique, but still I wonder if others around me might say today, “The Lord has blessed me because of you.” I want to be a blessing to others, so I must evaluate my life today. Do I pray regularly for those around me? Does my speech around those who know me best bless them or lead them astray? Do I give sacrificially so others might be blessed?  Do I share the gospel with those who don’t know Christ? Do I encourage and edify others, or am I pessimistic and negative? 

Disciples of Jesus want to bless others. They know life is not about them in the first place.

Prayer: “God, let me be a blessing to others today.”

Tomorrow’s reading: Genesis 31-32, Matthew 11:1-24