03/14/19 Listening to the Spirit

READING: Numbers 30-31, Mark 13:1-27

As Jesus told His disciples about signs of the end, He warned them that they would be handed over to courts and flogged in the synagogues. That is, they would face persecution, though God would use their troubles to get them before “governors and kings because of me [Jesus], as a witness to them” (Mark 13:9). In those tough times, though, they would not need be concerned about what they would say, for the Spirit of God would speak through them: “So when they arrest you and hand you over, don’t worry beforehand what you will say, but say whatever is given to you at that time, for it isn’t you speaking, but the Holy Spirit” (Mark 13:11).

That’s an amazing mystery, actually. It’s amazing that God Himself lives in us; He indwells us through His Spirit. We are thus never alone, regardless of what we face.

Then, His Spirit gives us words to speak in the most difficult experiences. He who lives in us speaks through us. Worry is thus de-fanged, and faith becomes paramount.

We are to walk with God so consistently and obediently that we’re fully in tune with the Spirit in those difficult times. That truth means that we must walk deeply with Him every step of the way.  

PRAYER: “God, thank You for indwelling me. Keep my ears and heart attuned to Your Spirt.”

TOMORROW’S READING: Numbers 32-33, Mark 13:28-14:16