03/24/19 Practical Discipleship: Silence and Solitude

READING: Mark 1:35

The scriptures tell us that Jesus made time to get alone with the Father – often quite early in the day. His time was not entirely quiet, but it does appear to have often been alone. Apparently, His personal communion with His Father was so important that He prioritized it.

We have much to learn here. We must ask ourselves whether we so love and long for our time with God that we intentionally set aside time to meet with Him. Moreover, we must decide when that time will be. I’m not one who argues that time must be the same every day, but I do argue that we need some time set aside each day. That should be a time when nothing else matters—when listening to and talking to our Creator take priority.

I fear, though, that God sometimes has to catch up with us or slow us down for this time to happen. This week, set aside time each day to be with God.

PRAYER: “God, I commit myself to set aside time for You.”

TOMORROW’S READING: Deuteronomy 15-17; Luke 1:67-2:7