08/13/19 He Hears Me

READING: Psalms 27-31, Romans 5

The mystery of prayer is so far beyond us that none of us can fully figure it out. We speak to a God we cannot see, who hears us from heaven, who already knows our concerns, and who responds to our pleadings. He knows the depth of our hearts, and our needs don’t catch him by surprise. It’s no wonder, then, that the psalmist turned to God so often: 

  • “Lord, hear my voice when I call;be gracious to me and answer me.” (Psa 27:7)
  • “. . . show me your way, Lord,and lead me on a level path.” (Psa 27:11)
  • “Lord, I call to you;my rock, do not be deaf to me.” (Psa 28:1)
  • “Lord, I called to you;I sought favor from my Lord . . .” (Psa 30:8)

Moreover, the psalmist cried out for God to hear his anguish (Psa 28:2), and then he reported that God had indeed heard his prayer: “Blessed be the Lord,for he has heard the sound of my pleading” (Psa 28:6). The one the psalmist described as “my light and my salvation” and “the stronghold of my life” (Psa 27:1), “my rock” (Psa 28:1), and “my strength and my shield” (Psa 28:7) listened when the psalmist prayed.

He listens to us, too, when we seek His face. That’s incredible!

PRAYER: “Lord, the fact that You’re listening to me right now is really amazing.”   

TOMORROW’S READING:  Psalms 32-34, Romans 6