Saturday Suggestions/Week in Review

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“A Bow Always Bent Will Break”: Reflections on the Vocation of Pastor by Peter Dubbelman
In this article, Peter Dubbelman gives pastors four goals to strive for in their life and ministry.

What Makes a Great Team (Part 1) by Rick Warren
The health of a church is influenced by the health of its teams. Rick Warren shares elements essential to leading successful volunteer teams.

The Nations Share Your Home. Are You Missing Them? by Andrew Ely
We often overlook the diversity of culture in our own backwards. Andrew Ely challenges us to open our eyes to the nations around us as we live out the Great Commission.

Church Planting: A Low Road with a High Calling by the Send Network
Church planting is neither easy nor comfortable, yet it is an important call. This article discusses the call of a church planter and the trust necessary to obediently respond to this mission.

In case you missed this week’s posts at, here’s the week in review: 

  1. 7 Blog Posts for Discouraged Church Leaders on this Monday
  2. 3 Warnings for Preachers from E.M. Bounds
  3. 12 Church Things that Make Little Sense to Me
  4. Why Minister’s Kids Don’t Want to Be Ministers…and How the Church Can Help
  5. 11 Things I’ve Learned from Missionaries

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