04/03/20 Torment in Hades

READING: Joshua 9-13; Luke 16 

Today’s Bible reading will probably keep me awake tonight. That’s because I have non-Christian loved ones, and Jesus’ words include a general description of the anguish of hell. In Jesus’ story, the rich man feasted each day—but nothing in his life gave evidence of following Christ. His selfishness and arrogance were both evident in his ignoring the poor man lying at his gate. Upon his death, the rich man was in hell, and his words can give us only a taste of the depth of his pain:

      • “And being in torment in Hades” (Luke 16:23)
      • “I am in agony in this flame!” (Luke 16:25)

All that the rich man had gained meant nothing at his death. He had gained the world but lost his soul—and the result was agonizing judgment. How I pray that those I love will miss that judgment! How I pray that they will turn to Christ, follow Him, and share eternity with us!

PRAYER: “God, please save my friends and loved ones. I plead with You to draw them to Yourself.”

TOMORROW’S READING: Weekend is for catch-up and review