Top Ten Posts for 2015 — #10 – #6

As we finish 2015, I am so grateful for you, the readers, who’ve helped launch this site quite successfully over the last six months. For today and tomorrow, we’re redirecting you to the most read posts this year. I pray they will bless you today if you’ve not read them before; if they’re repeats for you, I hope they’ll encourage or challenge you again. 

#10  “Why Minister’s Kids Don’t Want to Be Ministers . . . and How the Church Can Help

Over the past twenty years as a seminary professor, I’ve worked with a lot of students who had a parent who was a minister, but who were at first certain they would never follow in those steps. When I’ve asked what their first objections were, here’s what I’ve most often heard in no particular order.

#9  “12 Random Questions to Ask about Your Church This Week

We know what questions we often ask about our churches. Is the church growing? Are we meeting budget? Are we making disciples? Take some time today to evaluate your church via these somewhat “random” questions.

#8  “Praying for Pastors on Monday

I’m a pastor at heart, and I pray I’m speaking for pastors today. Here are ten reasons you need to pray for your pastor today.

#7  “Why Pastors Have Few Deep Friendships

I’ve heard it so many times that I almost expect it: pastors are lonely. They often minister among people they say they love, but don’t know well. They have few deep friendships. Here are 10 reasons why we struggle with finding friends.

#6  “12 Ways to Assist Returning Southern Baptist Missionaries

I love missionaries, and many I know are now making prayerful decisions about retiring from the field. These are heart-wrenching days, and I encourage Southern Baptists to consider ways to assist these folks who’ve given their lives for the nations.

Join us tomorrow for the top five posts for 2015.


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