Top Ten Posts for 2015 – #5 – #1

Yesterday, we reviewed the first half of the ten most read posts at this site during this year. Today, here are the top five for 2015:

#5  “12 People Who Frustrate Church Leaders

I, like other church leaders, have dealt with folks who frustrate leaders. Based on my years of working with churches, here are some of those people.

#4   “10 Questions to Ask before Attending Worship This Weekend

The best worship is a continuum of: worshiping God by getting ready to meet Him; worshiping Him with His people through His Word and His Spirit; and worshiping Him by being obedient to His Word. Here are 10 questions to ask yourself today prior to gathering with other believers this weekend.

#3  “How to Talk to Your Pastor on His Way to the Service

Here are some ways to talk with your pastor during that time just before the worship service.

#2  “10 Things Pastors Say Only to Other Pastors

Throughout the last month, guest blogger Will Browning asked dozens of pastors this question: “What are the things you say to other pastors that you would not dare say publically?” With their permission, he shares their answers.

#1  “An Open Letter to Southern Baptists and Our Missionaries

Today I write to people I deeply love – Southern Baptists and our International Mission Board missionaries.

Tomorrow, we’ll look at the ten most read devotionals for this past year. 

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