Saturday Suggestions: January 28, 2017

Check out these recent posts. 

5 Things You Say That Kill Your Leadership by Carey Nieuwhof

Once again, Carey’s post challenged me at the core of my leadership. I’ve said all of these things. Recently.


What John Maxwell Taught Me about Building Relationships by Paul Sohn

I attended a John Maxwell conference more than 25 years ago, and I still remember some of the lessons I learned there.


It’s Time to Get Mean about the Vision God Has Given You by Brandon Cox

If you’re a senior leader in a church, this post might challenge your status quo – but that’s a good thing.


Four Ways to Remember to Pray for People by Sam Rainer

Sam’s right – we often say we’ll pray for others, but we don’t. These ideas might help you avoid that problem.


Three Things Every Christian Owes President Trump by Bruce Ashford

I needed to hear these thoughts from my friend and boss. Maybe you do, too.


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