10 Practical Ways to Read the Bible More

Do you struggle with reading the Bible? One reason we wrestle with this spiritual discipline is that we think we must be reading extensively every day or reading not at all; we don’t give ourselves much room for growth in this task. If you want to read more, try one of these simple ideas to get started.  

  1. Start small, and grow. If reading one chapter a day is more than you’ve been reading, start there. You’ll never get to two chapters a day until you get to one.
  2. Sign up for a “verse a day” email. That way, you’ll at least have some of the Bible in front of you every time you check your email. Read it, and meditate on it for a few minutes.
  3. Use a devotional book. If you choose this method, be sure to actually read the Bible text associated with the devotion.
  4. Get somebody to read with you. No matter how much material you choose to read, talking with someone about what you’ve read together can help you stay faithful.
  5. Use an audio Bible. Sometimes, hearing a story makes you want to read it in more depth. 
  6. Use a Bible app. That way, you’ll always have the Bible at hand, and you can read it “on the go.” Don’t miss your five- or ten-minute opportunities to open the Word.
  7. Focus on one book for a month. Choose a smaller book, and re-read it several times during the month. 
  8. Join a small group that studies the Bible. Check with your pastor to find out what opportunities your church offers. If you don’t want to get involved because you don’t know the Bible, be honest with the group. I suspect they’ll help you. 
  9. Search the Bible to address an issue in your life. The Bible is relevant to all of us. Study it to find its answer to a particular concern you are facing.
  10. Ask for help when the Bible is confusing or hard to understand. All of us have been confused before, too. We’re all still learning. Ask for help – don’t quit.    

What other simple ideas would you add to this list?


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