10/14/19 Trusting God

READING: Isaiah 26-28, Philippians 2

The editors of the ESV Study Bible show us that the call for the people of Isaiah’s day to trust God echoes throughout this book (7:9, 10:20, 12:2, 30:15, 31:1, 32:17, 36:15, 42:17, 50:10, 57:13).* That message is one that all of us need to hear. Frankly, it’s easier to talk about trust and encourage others to trust God than it is to actually trust Him ourselves. Thus, I read Isaiah 26:4 today—”Trust in the Lord forever, because in the Lord, the Lord himself, is an everlasting rock!”—and I’m reminded that trusting God is not a temporary thing to do; it’s a forever commitment with the One who is an “everlasting rock.” 

That means, then, that we must trust God in all times, including when:

  • the bills are many and the dollars are few
  • the doctor’s diagnosis is a terminal one
  • our wayward family member seems to be turning farther and farther away from God
  • God seems not to be hearing the prayer that’s consuming our heart
  • our family has experienced the tragedy of a natural disaster
  • a loved one dies unexpectedly
  • His call on our life requires us to walk away from our security to take the gospel to the nations
  • we sense God’s direction to give even more generously and sacrificially to the Lord’s work
  • God brings a new life into our family
  • we face death

God has made a commitment to us—so much so that He sent His Son to die for us. He grants us eternal life, so we must trust Him forever.

PRAYER: “God, You are my rock. Help me to trust You forever.”    

TOMORROW’S READING:  Isaiah 29-32, Philippians 3

*ESV Study Bible notes on Isaiah 26:4.




























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