12 Church Member Contradictions Who Bless Pastors

Last week, I posted on “Church Member Contradictions that Frustrate Pastors.” Apparently, many of you have those kinds of members in your church. To be fair, though, to the great people of God, I’m posting today the opposite: church member contradictions who bless pastors:

  1. Those who have very busy lives, but who find time to serve the church well. You know they have to sacrifice to find the time, but they do because they love the church.
  2. Those who can barely read, but who know the Word of God well. They’ve learned it by hearing it and by struggling through reading it, but they do what it takes to hear from God.
  3. Those who have few dollars, but who give sacrificially to the church. In fact, their percentage giving puts others to shame – including us. 
  4. Those who have no theological or practical training, but who powerfully share the gospel with non-believers. They may not know all the answers, but they sure know Jesus!
  5. Those who serve in major leadership positions at work, but who graciously follow and serve in the body of Christ. Some of the strongest corporate leaders I know are also some of the most humble people I know.
  6. Those who seek no glory for themselves, but who intentionally honor and praise others. They’re the kind, loving people who say to us, “Pastor, we love you” – and deeply mean it.
  7. Those who’ve never left their home county, but they’re following God’s leadership to the nations. Only God’s calling would draw them away from home, but He has indeed called.
  8. Those who stand along the wall as introverts during fellowship times, but who light the room with the gospel when they teach or preach. It’s amazing, actually, to see what happens when God’s ordained teachers get at the task. 
  9. Those who have legitimate reasons to miss church occasionally, but who get there anyway. Often it’s health issues, work responsibilities, or family commitments, but nothing gets in their way.
  10. Those who confess their struggle with church changes, but they still get on board. They’ve learned it’s possible to express their preferences while not elevating their preferences to the level of gospel issues.
  11. Those who face a tough life, but who continually show the joy of Christ. Their life’s struggles are so great that many people would blame God, but not these folks. They live with joy the world can’t understand.
  12. Those who are dying, but they can’t wait to live. There’s nothing quite like ministering to a dying saint who looks forward to eternity. They know that to die is gain (Phil. 1:21) – another contradiction that blesses us. 

What other positive contradictions would you add to this list? 


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