10 Differences between Baby Believers and Believers Who Are Babies

I suspect all churches have at least one of these persons. Baby believers are those young believers who are just now learning how to walk with Christ, but who are fresh in their faith. Believers who are babies, on the other hand, are usually longer-term believers (often undiscipled) who don’t act like mature believers. Here are some of the differences I see:

  1. Baby believers are hungry for God and the Word; believers who are babies think they already know the Word.  
  2. Baby believers are teachable; believers who are babies complain when they don’t get to teach.
  3. Baby believers tell others about Jesus; believers who are babies tell others about themselves.
  4. Baby believers cry when they’re hurt because they don’t understand; believers who are babies whine when they don’t get their way.
  5. Baby believers look up to their church’s spiritual leaders; believers who are babies expect others to look up to them.
  6. Baby believers admit they don’t know something; believers who are babies tend to make up something rather than admit their ignorance.
  7. Baby believers rejoice when others do well; believers who are babies get jealous of those who do well.  
  8. Baby believers tend to shy away from the limelight; believers who are babies expect attention.
  9. Baby believers struggle with sin, but they want to fight it; believers who are babies make excuses for their sin.
  10. Baby believers tend to be joyful, no matter what happens; believers who are babies tend to be angry and unpleasant—no matter what happens.

What other differences do you see?


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