10 Reasons We Hide Our Sin

It happens. Even as believers, we tend to keep our sin to ourselves. Here are some reasons why: 

  1. We don’t want to be embarrassed and ashamed. Nobody does. So, we keep quiet about our personal struggles.  

  1. We want to protect our position in the church. In some cases, we have a reputation to protect. Being forthright about our sin may not be worth that cost, we think.  

  1. We fear the consequences. Revealing our sin could not only cost us power and position within the church, but it could also cost us our job . . . or our family . . . or more. It’s just easier to hide than take that risk.  

  1. We believe we’ll change on our own. Few people I know immediately think, “I’m going to lose this battle if I keep fighting alone.” Most of us first think, “I’m going to stop doing this soon, so there’s no need to involve anyone else.”   

  1. We’re sure we won’t get caught. And, if that’s the case, why invite trouble by coming clean with someone? 

  1. We convince ourselves that “it’s not really wrong.” Sure, others may see it as sin, but we’ve now reached a different conclusion after years of struggle. False wisdom still means keeping the action hidden, however, lest others condemn us.   

  1. We just love our sin. We can’t avoid this possibility – sometimes we hide our sin because we don’t want to confess it and give it up.   

  1. It hasn’t hurt us to this point to keep it quiet. The battle’s not new, but being quiet about it hasn’t yet gotten in the way of our serving the Lord and His church (or, so we conclude). Telling somebody would only upset others.  

  1. We’re planning to talk to somebody, but not just yet…. We’ve decided that tomorrow will be the day of confession, but tomorrow never comes.   

  1. We may not be genuine believers. God is incredibly patient and forgiving, but all of us must check our hearts if we’re able to hide our sin long-term.   

What other reasons would you add?  

Tomorrow, I’ll post about why confession to other believers matters.  


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