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3 Misconceptions Christians Have About Work by Nathaniel Williams 
Many of us may view our jobs as simply a means to an end, but God designed work to be about more than a paycheck. Nathaniel Williams lists ways we wrongly view our jobs and points us back to God’s original design for work.

Small-Town Planters, Your Labor is Not in Vain by Will Basham
God calls some people to plant churches in major cities, while He calls others to small towns. Will Basham reminds us of the importance of ministering in more rural areas.

How to Fall in Ministry by Jared Wilson
No minister of the gospel is immune from sin. Jared Wilson lists areas of our lives where we must live faithfully in order not to fall into sin.

10 Reasons Your Church Should Sing Psalms by Keith Getty and David Robertson
We may often read psalms during our sermons, but there is also power in singing these ancient words. Keith Getty and David Robertson give ten reasons to incorporate more psalms into your church’s worship music.

In case you missed this week’s posts at, here’s the week in review: 

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  3. 12 Signs Your Church Might Be Inwardly Focused
  4. 10 Reasons We Don’t Want to Confront Sin
  5. 12 Fears I Have for Preachers this Weekend

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