12 Things Good Christian Leaders Can Name Quickly

I admit that I’m using this post to judge myself. Over the years, I’ve paid attention to strong Christian leaders, and I’ve learned that many of them can name the things listed below. This list stretches and convicts me. Perhaps it will challenge you as well:

  1. The scripture they’re currently memorizing. That means they’re intentionally putting the Word of God into their hearts.
  2. The person(s) they’re mentoring. They’re always raising up leaders and investing in at least one other person.
  3. The person who is their mentor. They may not use the official nomenclature of “mentor/mentee,” but they still make certain they’re not leading as lone rangers.
  4. The person they’re most evangelizing. That is, they don’t have to stop and think about non-believers they’re trying to reach. They prayerfully know the people they’re engaging.
  5. What the Lord taught them through the Word and prayer today. Both disciplines are intentionally and naturally a part of their lives—and they listen to God, no matter the strength of their leadership.
  6. The name of the current book they’re reading. I assume they’re reading the Bible regularly, but good leaders continually read additional works as well.
  7. The day they took off last week. My point here is that they’re careful to reserve regular time for rest and relaxation.
  8. Their vacation plans for this year. They may not know all the details yet, but they do know that they and their family will get away together for some time.
  9. The one special thing they’re planning to show their spouse their love this week. These leaders are intentional in making their spouse a priority and letting them know that commitment.
  10. The one thing they’re doing for others that will bring them no recognition. They’re serving not only in leadership roles, but also in “behind the scenes” capacities; in fact, they may not even want to talk about this one.
  11. Where they most need to grow individually. The point is that these leaders know they haven’t arrived. They regularly do self-assessments and seek to address their weaknesses.
  12. Their intentional steps to avoid a fall. Nobody finishes well by accident, and good Christian leaders know that truth.

Okay—how do you evaluate yourself in light of this list?  Which can you name quickly? 


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