8 Nuggets of Wisdom from My Mentors when You Can’t Figure Out God’s Will

Here are some of the nuggets of wisdom my mentors have given me over the years when I’ve struggled with knowing God’s will: 

  1. “Be willing to give God a blank check.” I’ve written about this commitment before, and this commitment still challenges me personally. As long as we put parameters on what we’ll do for God, we’re not really seeking His will.
  2. “Don’t make the decision alone.” It’s always good to seek advice from trusted Christian counselors who themselves walk with the Lord (and, note, that last phrase—it matters!).
  3. “Pray and think much before making a move during a storm.” If you make a life-changing decision during the chaos of a storm, you might regret the move when the sky’s cleared up a bit.
  4. “Don’t assume that your heart can’t be biased.” None of us can fully read his or her heart without the potential of bias. Even the most committed believers can be unexpectedly captured by self-interest.
  5. “Be careful about trusting ‘open doors’ and ‘closed doors.’” An open door may be an indication of God’s intention, but it’s also possible to manipulate doors at times. On the other hand, a closed door may be a matter of God’s timing rather than His clear denial.
  6. “Trust your spouse’s spiritual intuition as he or she walks with God.” To be frank, some of the biggest mistakes I’ve made in ministry occurred when I didn’t pay enough attention to my wife’s assessment of the situation. I know better now.
  7. “Let the times when God delays His answer reveal your heart a bit.” Test your heart when God chooses not to give you clear direction on the spot. If you grow impatient, frustrated, or even faithless, you’ll know you have other areas to work on spiritually.
  8. “If you’re not certain what God wants, stand at the place where you were last certain of His will.” That is, don’t make a change in times of uncertainty. Instead, go back to when you were certain of God’s will, and rest there until God shows you otherwise.

Let us know your thoughts about these ideas. I welcome your feedback. 

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