8 Relationship Miracles of the Transforming Gospel

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In the midst of these difficult days, I’m reminded today of the transforming power of the gospel – especially as evident in relationships. Here are some miracle examples that might be encouraging to you, too:

  1. Marriages mended. I’ve known marriages racked by adultery that became stories of forgiveness and reconciliation. Only under the power of the gospel have I seen that happen, however.
  2. Wounds forgiven. I’m not arguing that forgiveness means we simply ignore the offense. Repentance matters, but some of the most wounded people I’ve known have also become some of the most forgiving. Only by God’s grace.
  3. Prejudice torn down. The gospel can tear away the baggage we carry and the hatred we exhibit. I’ve seen hearts dramatically changed. Miraculously, even.
  4. Sin patterns broken. Some of us can look back and see pattern after pattern of ungodly, me-centered, often immoral relationships. The pattern becomes a stronghold – but Jesus is stronger.
  5. Histories overcome. Much of our relational sin is demonically, deeply entrenched in us. The enemy who delights in our chains of darkness has met his match in Jesus, however. In fact, Jesus is already the winner (Col 2:15).
  6. Forgiveness sought. I’m amazed when I learn of a new (or, now growing) believer who seeks forgiveness from those he wounded years ago. The Spirit counters the enemy’s stranglehold when He doesn’t allow us to rest under His conviction.
  7. Love extended. God’s still in the business of changing our hearts so we can love the most unlovable. In fact, all of us who are Christ-followers have been recipients of that kind of love. Our giving it back to others is a sign of God’s work in our lives.
  8. Unity lived out. I’ve been a believer for a long time, but I’m still amazed by the way God takes people from different nations, tribes, and tongues and puts them all in His family. Jesus has prayed for us to be one (John 17:20-23), and He makes us one (Eph 2:11-22).

My point? We have no excuse to hold on to our sinful attitudes that create division and disharmony. Our God is a transforming, conquering God.

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