Saturday Suggestions/Week in Review

Check out these important posts from others:

When Change Overwhelms You by Kristen Wetherell
Kristen Wetherell offers some encouragement in this time of upheaval and change. No matter what turbulent circumstances come, God’s people can trust Him to uphold and sustain them.

Doing More With Less by Tyrone Barnette
Many churches have had to reevaluate the need for various ministries and staff positions during this year. Tyrone Barnette shares the process he and his team go through each year to avoid overextending themselves and make the most of their resources and efforts.

How These Parents Keep Christ in Christmas in the Leadup to the Holiday by Intersect Staff
Looking for ways to keep your family focused on Christ during this Christmas season? Check out some of these ideas!

“No Wayward Arrows”: What the Apostle Paul Can Teach Us About Social Media Habits by Jeff Mingee
It can be frightfully easy to neglect Christian character when it comes to social media. Jeff Mingee applies some of Paul’s wisdom to Titus to social media habits.

In case you missed this week’s posts at, here’s the week in review:

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  2. 7 Christmas Fellowship Ideas by Zoom
  3. 9 Ways We “Poo” Our Sin before We Ever Commit It
  4. 8 Helpful Ways Others Have Taught Me to Deal with Criticism
  5. 3 Free Resources from Southeastern Seminary

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