5 Ways to Use Your Electronic Calendar to Pray

I’m grateful for my electronic calendar I access many times throughout the day. It helps me to organize my life, but more importantly, it has become a prayer means for me. Here are some ways you might use your calendar to pray:

  1. Pray for church members on their birthdays. Your church leadership can likely provide the names and dates (years excluded, most likely), and you’ll simply need to type the names in the appropriate day. Then, be sure to pray when the calendar reminder pops up.  
  2. Pray for couples on their anniversaries. You’ll need to ask others for their anniversary dates, but you’ll be glad you did. Even the strongest couples face the enemy’s arrows, and all of us need God’s help to love well. Another option here is to calendar a reminder for the next year each time you attend a wedding—and then send the couple a prayer greeting on their first anniversary. 
  3. Pray for people on specific days for which they request prayer. What comes to mind for me this week is my church member who’s facing cancer surgery on Wednesday, my pastor colleague who will come home from the hospital tomorrow, and my friend who’s considering a job change/interview this week. I encourage you to type a note in your calendar immediately when you learn of the request (so you don’t forget)—and then pray on that day. 
  4. Pray for friends on the anniversary of deaths of their loved ones. Believers are often good at ministering to others in the immediacy of a death, but we’re not so good at remembering folks when they grieve the next year. Get in the practice of setting a reminder to pray for families one year after the passing of their loved one—and then send them a prayer when that date comes. They will likely be both surprised and touched. 
  5. Pray for missionaries on their birthdays. My own denomination’s mission-sending agency provides the birthdates of their personnel, and I’m privileged to pray for different missionaries each day. I’m aware of some cross-cultural workers, in fact, who wait until their birthdays to make major decisions, knowing that many will be praying for them on that day. 

So, will this process clutter your calendar a bit? It might, but it will be worth the inconvenience. We’re privileged and blessed to pray for others.  

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