Let’s Help Each Other Gain Hope about Non-believing Loved Ones

Just over two years ago now, I baptized my 79-year-old mother after we had prayed for her for 47 years. That event happened after my dad, at age 71, turned to Christ several years earlier after we had prayed for him for 36 years. I know that among my readers are many who are still waiting for God to answer similar prayers. So, here’s what I hope we can do for each other today:

  1. If God has answered a prayer like this for you after many years, briefly tell us the story in the comments section on this website (www.chucklawless.com). Let your story encourage and inspire those who are struggling trusting still today. 
  2. If you are still waiting for God to answer such a prayer, let us know how we might pray for you in the comments section as well. I’m praying your hope might be strengthened because you know many others are praying with you. 
  3. Invite others to add their stories and prayer requests. The more stories, the better; the more prayers prayed, the more rejoicing that will come!

God bless, readers!  


  • Kaye says:

    Please pray for my son Ryan who is in need of salvation and freedom from alcoholism.

  • Gary Wade says:

    My Mother tried for 38 years to lead me to Christ. She never gave up, even still witnessing on her deathbed. Finally, I received Christ at age 51. Then I witnessed to two of my brothers for 15 to 20 years before they received Him! Don’t ever give up! Why? Because God has more patience than we do!!

  • Susan Alexander says:

    Neither of my two sons (age 46 & 47) are believers. One son claims to have a relationship with God, but is married to another man. His “god” wouldn’t condemn this love. My other son has made the Army his god, and is quite successful, but when he studied foreign religions to go to Afshanistan, he became confused about which god would allow such hatred and killing in his name. Now he won’t even discuss it. I have relinquished this all to the Holy Spirit because I know it’s His work, not mine. I love my sons, but hurt for their unbelief. Someday . . .

  • Larry Simmons says:

    Please pray for my so, who grew up in church but now claims atheism as belief.

  • Whitney Timpe says:

    I’ve been a believer since 8th grade (almost 11 years). My parents, sister, and two brothers are not believers. Please pray for our vacation together this summer, that there would be Gospel opportunities. Please pray for my brother going to Ohio State in the fall, where I serve as a campus missionary. Pray God would provide a Christian community my brother is excited to be a part of.

  • Tim Thomas says:

    Please pray for my family and my wife’s family. My family would say they are Christian’s but there is no real fruit in their life. No desire to read the word, go to church, make disciples, etc. Her family would claim that they are likely agnostic or atheists. We have tried to witness to them and we continue to pray for them almost daily.

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