02/05/24 Amazed? or Not?


One-year plan: Exodus 25-27, Matthew 22:23-46

Two-year plan: Genesis 37:12-38:30, Matthew 12:38-50


As I read the remainder of Matthew 22 today, I struck by a theme that occurs throughout much of the chapter:

  • When Jesus responded to the Pharisees’ question about giving to God or Caesar, the response of the crowd was, “When they heard this, they were amazed” (Matt 22:22).
  • When he responded to the Saduccees’ question about marriage and resurrection, the crowd’s response in turn was, “they were astonished at his teaching” (Matt 22:33).
  • When Jesus questioned the Pharisees about the Messiah, their response was, “No one was able to answer him at all, and from that day no one dared to question him anymore” (Matt 22:46). 

Jesus taught like no one had ever taught. He reasoned like no one had ever reasoned. He challenged listeners like no one could ever challenge. His words grabbed attention. His words amazed. His words quieted. Even those who tried to catch Him with their own words could only walk away in silence. 

Here, then, is my question for myself as we begin a new week: “Am I amazed by Jesus’ teachings – or do I ever take them for granted after having read them so many times?” To be honest, I write this devotion to challenge myself because I know the answer is too often the latter. 

PERSONAL REFLECTION: How would you answer that same question?    

PRAYER: “God, fill me with wonder over the teachings of Jesus again.” 


One-year plan: Exodus 28-29, Matthew 23    

Two-year plan: Genesis 39-40, Matthew 13:1-17       

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