05/29/24 Is There No God?


One-year plan: 1 Kings 22, 2 Kings 1-2, John 8:12-47

Two-year plan: Numbers 33:1-49, Mark 14:17-31


King Ahaziah, son of Ahab, followed in his father’s steps and walked in rebellion against the Lord. In fact, he served Baal and worshiped him, according to 1 Kgs 22:53. When the king suffered a serious fall, he sent his servants to inquire of Baal-zebub, a false local god, about whether he would recover from his illness. 

An angel of the Lord then gave Elijah the prophet the words to speak to Ahaziah’s servants: “‘Is it because there is no God in Israel that you are going to inquire of Baal-zebub, the god of Ekron?” (2 Kgs 1:3). There was, of course, a God in Israel, but He was not Ahaziah’s god. The true God would indeed have a word about the king’s prognosis, but it would not be good: Ahaziah would die—as he did, “according to the word of the Lord that Elijah had spoken” (2 Kgs 1:17). 

Here’s what I’m wondering as I read the Word today: am I ever tempted to turn in some direction other than God when I face a crisis? Might I need to ask myself at times, “Why would I ever go in any other direction when I know there is one God, and He’s my Redeemer?” Why, indeed? 

PERSONAL REFLECTION: Where do you first turn when you face a crisis?               

PRAYER: “God almighty, I turn to You now.”


One-year plan: 2 Kings 3-5, John 8:48-9:12

Two-year plan: Numbers 33:50-34:29, Mark 14:32-52

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