06/17/16 Self-Examination

READING: Psalms 26-31

It’s time for self-examination in the light of the Word of God. As I read today’s texts, I’m compelled to evaluate my own life — and I invite you to ask yourself the same questions I ask myself today:

  1. Am I walking with God in such a way that I welcome His examination?  “Test me, Lord, and try me, examine my heart and my mind; for I have always been mindful of your unfailing love and have lived in reliance on your faithfulness” (Psalm 26:2-3). I want my heart to be so pure that I’m okay with God’s examination. 
  2. Do I let fear overtake me, or do I trust God? “The Lord is the stronghold of my life — of whom shall I be afraid?” (Psalm 27:1b). Sometimes I let fear and worry be stronger in my life than God is. 
  3. Is my heart always pure toward others? “Do not drag me away with the wicked, with those who do evil, who speak cordially with their neighbors but harbor malice in their hearts” (Psalm 28:3). I try hard to be in good relationships with others, but I could easily slide into anger and ridicule. 
  4. Do I really recognize the power of God? “The voice of the Lord is powerful; the voice of the Lord is majestic” (Psalm 29:4). I’m not sure I always see God’s power and hear His voice, even though He thunders over the waters and shakes the desert (Psalm 29:3, 8).
  5. Do I sing His praises enough? “Sing the praises of the Lord, you his faithful people; praise his holy name” (Psalm 30:4). I know I should sing more. I surely have reason to do so. 
  6. Do I hate evil? “I hate those who cling to worthless idols” (Psalm 31:6a). I know I’m to love my neighbors, so the hatred here is about their deeds. If I truly hated evil, I would work harder at eradicating sin from my own life. 

Every time I stand in the shadow of the Word, I realize I cannot remain standing — I can only fall on my face and seek the mercy of God. His Word really does penetrate into the depths of my heart.  


  • Do the same self-examination as above. Confess and repent as needed.    
  • Read today’s chapters again, and look for verses that speak of God’s mercy. Sing His praises in response. 

PRAYER: “Lord, bring me to the place where I can say with integrity the words of the psalmist, ‘I have led a blameless life.’”