A Prayer Challenge to Pastors

Pastor friend, I want to challenge you to do something that might surprise you. In fact, it might not even interest you at first, but I ask you to give me a chance to convince you otherwise. Here’s the challenge: intentionally and specifically choose another pastor, and pray for that pastor daily. Let me explain why I think we need to take this step:

  1. Many pastors have few prayer partners. You’d think that’s not the case, but my experience is that many church leaders have few people praying for them daily. You can help fill this void for at least one other pastor.
  2. Only another pastor really understands the burdens pastors carry. Unless you’ve walked in these shoes, it’s almost impossible to know the weight of the pastorate. People who have “been there,” though, tend to pray with more fervor and compassion. 
  3. Pastors will answer to God for the spiritual care of the sheep they shepherd (Heb 13:17). There aren’t many other roles that require shouldering such responsibility. Two shepherds who pray for one another can help share that load.
  4. Pastors need friends. Pastoring can be lonely. Sometimes we want friends, but are afraid to find them in our own congregation. Having a pastor prayer partner who is also a friend can be life-giving to a weary pastor.
  5. Pastors face a real enemy who wants to destroy them. We don’t talk much about spiritual warfare, but we face it every day. My fear is that too many pastors fall under the enemy’s attack while no one is really praying for them. Too often, we don’t pray for one another until after the enemy has already won. Let’s change that pattern.  
  6. Pastors need a prayer partner who is also a trusted listening ear. Many of us don’t have that person with whom we can be honest – and that we know will intercede vigorously for us. You might be that person for another pastor.
  7. Pastors sometimes struggle with hidden sin. Even if some pastors aren’t ready to talk about their struggles, all of us still need somebody praying for our godliness. Those who aren’t hiding anything need the continued prayer protection of another pastor. 
  8. Most pastors don’t pray enough. Study after study has shown that pastors struggle with praying consistently and powerfully. Perhaps forming a prayer partnership with another pastor will help you and someone else pray more. 

Pastors, will you take my challenge? Perhaps many of us will step into the pulpit next weekend with more godly confidence because another pastor has been interceding for us. 


  • Faans. Klopper says:

    Pastors, teachers.. Ep 4:11Sepherd only Jesus, Shepherds only Luke 2 abiding.. fields..angel appeared Jesus is born.
    Plurality of elders, one Bishop only Jesus. No single church leader is scriptural whether he is called Minister, Pope, cardinal, Priest leading elder. Prayer for the leaders essential. Faans Klopper

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