Saturday Suggestions: February 10, 2018

Be sure to check out these posts:

6 Areas of Life Where Successful Leaders Practice Self-Discipline by Rick Warren

I think I’m fairly disciplined, but this post challenged me in a couple of areas. 


How the Gospel Shapes Our Children for Mission by J.D. Greear

Parents and grandparents, be sure to read this post.


3 Small Actions to Make Your Leadership Meeting More Effective by Eric Geiger

These actions may indeed be small, but they will make a big difference.


“I Preached a ‘Dud.’ Now What?” by J. A. Medders

This post is an older one, but I ran across it this week. I wish I’d read it a few weeks ago. …


Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles Gives America a Game Plan for Life by Bruce Ashford

Read this post even if you’re not a football fan. It’s worth it. 

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