8 Reasons I Recommend Writing a Brief Email about Your Devotions

If you’re a regular at this site, you know that I write not only a blog, but also a daily devotional (see lower right of this page). I started that process years ago when I decided to send some of my mentees a daily record of what I had been reading. I sent a brief email that simply said:

            READING: _______________________________

            INSIGHTS: _______________________________

            PRAYER REQUESTS: _______________________

The email required about ten minutes to write after reading the Scripture, but those ten minutes have been instrumental to my faith. Here’s why:

  1. It allows me to meditate on what I’ve read. I have to spend time thinking about the text if I plan to write about it—even if I write only a paragraph or two. 
  2. It forces me to summarize what I’ve read. Putting the Word’s insights into 2-3 paragraphs is a good spiritual discipline to maintain. In fact, it allows me to journal even though I’m not a journaler. 
  3. It allows me to extend my ministry without the “wear and tear” of travel. I am writing this post from my recliner in our great room in Wake Forest. I trust, though, that God might use these ideas around the world. 
  4. It gives me opportunity to speak into several generations. I know teenagers and senior adults who read my devotions. The two generations may not meet in the middle philosophically or methodologically, but I want to try to help make that happen. 
  5. It encourages others to follow the same pattern so they will grow, too, without additional strenuous efforts. I have a friend who follows the same pattern, and then he sends his email to his adult children. He thus speaks into their lives at least weekly. 
  6. It enables me to be more evangelistic. How does that happen? I have some non-believers who’ve chosen to receive my devotional email. I’m trusting God to grab a heart through it. 
  7. It provides a resource I might eventually give to someone. If Pam and I had children, I’d want to hand them and their children the pages I write every year after reading the Word. 
  8. It doesn’t take long. It actually gets much easier the more I write devotional posts. In about 10-15 minutes, I can write about the Lord’s work and share the gospel with somebody via sending an email. 

I encourage you to try this approach. Read and meditate on the Word, and then send someone a report!

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