Spiritual Warfare

Signs of the Enemy’s Attacks on Individuals

Earlier this week, I wrote on ways the enemy attacks the church. In this post, I want to suggest some anecdotal signs of attack I’ve seen on individuals– particularly, if not primarily, on those Christian leaders who are taking steps of faith to get the gospel to a lost world.

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10 Ways the Enemy Robs Us of Our Joy

Paul made it clear to us that we wrestle against demonic forces as we strive to follow Christ (Eph. 6:12). In fact, the enemy often seeks to destroy our Christian joy so that our witness for Christ loses its effectiveness. Here are some ways he seeks to rob us.

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10 Lies of the Enemy that Church Leaders Believe

In my years of studying spiritual warfare, I’ve spent a lot of time talking with pastors about their own battles. Often, those battles are connected to lies the enemy proclaims loudly – and we leaders choose to believe. Maybe you’ve listened to some of these lies.

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